Alumna Alicia Kozakiewicz Tells Her Story to PEOPLE Magazine

Alumna Alicia Kozakiewicz Tells Her Story to PEOPLE Magazine

Forensic Psychology Alumna Alicia Kozakiewicz has a story that has been told around the world. In 2002, Alicia was kidnapped by an online predator and is committed to helping other survivors.

In her feature by People Magazine, Alicia speaks to how she teaches others to avoid danger and how parents can keep their children safe.

I felt that I had been rescued and I had to give back. And so I started speaking out in schools, and sharing my story with kids.

In 2016, Alicia was featured in The Chicago School’s Insight Magazine and spoke to the challenges she personally faced with therapists who were did not have the appropriate knowledge to work with a survivor of this kind of trauma. “I wanted to use what I’ve learned through my own personal experience in therapy to make it a better experience for other victims.”


What I hope is when they see this woman who made it to the other side of trauma—knowing it wasn’t easy, but she did it—they will find that strength within themselves.

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