Alumni in the Media: Derek Lusk Ph.D.

Derek Lusk, Grace Napolitano

It is with great pride that we share the remarkable accomplishment of one our esteemed alumni, Derek Lusk, Ph.D.

Drawing on his extensive expertise and innovative thinking, Dr. Lusk provides a deep and enlightening exploration of the role executives play in shaping workplace culture, employee well-being, and the overall success of an organization. According to Dr. Lusk,

“Through the lens of aesthetic leadership, the world’s most influential leaders—and indeed, every one of us—stand guard over the whole earth instead of fighting for power and resources. With this new belief equation, executives become guardians of the human experience, stewards of holistic value, and champions of a sustainable future for all. They craft a legacy that isn’t just about financial metrics and stock markets, but about elevating the very spirit of humanity.”

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